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After dealing with chronic low back injuries and other ailments Patrick chose to immerse himself in yoga. Within a very short period of time he realized and saw the healing effects yoga had both physically and spiritually. This is when Patrick made the decision to make Yoga his life's mission. He wanted to show others what he loves and decided to bring his learnings to the masses. Patrick was blessed to have studied his practice under amazing mentors and teachers: Steve Ross, Vinnie Marino, Maty Ezraty, Ganga White, Erich Schiffman, Rusty Wells and Tim Miller to name a few. Over time, Patrick has developed his own unique style incorporating his love of Rock and Roll into fun flows to help strengthen and work both flexibility and mind focus. Having fun is a must! Once you've had an opportunity to meet Patrick and take one of his classes you will quickly realize that he loves what he does. 

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